Open Access

Open Access is free, immediate, online access to your research outputs.

Benefits include more exposure for your work; studies have found increased citation rates as researchers worldwide can see your work and the public can access your findings.

For more information, see our new mini guide to Open Access.

UCA Research Online (UCARO) is UCA’s research repository. It provides a digital archive of research outputs produced by our staff. It contains information about a wide range of research outputs from books, journal articles and conference papers to exhibitions, artworks, and designs.

UCARO satisfies the Open Access requirements of many UK funding bodies (such as the Research Councils) to make the results of publically-funded research available to the public. It is also used for the University’s submission to the Research Excellence Framework (REF).

UCA has a policy that all staff research outputs are recorded in UCARO, as well as PhD student theses. For further details, see the UCA Research Online Policies.